Rotating Flies, Jig-Heads and Epoxy Dryer




Step 1:

6 RPM Disco Ball Motor used for Flies, Jig-Heads and Epoxy Drying

The 6 RPM Disco Ball Motor, used for the turning motor, is a reasonably priced over the internet. This design is the perfect solution for fishermen who tie their own flies or paint jigs. With the 6 RPM motor , it turns slow enough as to not throw the lure off the foam covered base. If you make your own jigs or lures this design makes for a simple Fly-Jig-Epoxy Dryer.

Step 2: The Motor

Searched the Internet for a AC Mirror Ball Motor and located a reasonably priced Disco Ball Motor for around $8.00 plus SH&T. Decided to order two, one for my grandson and one for me.

Since I am in the process of moving and nearly everything packed away, I had to improvised a lot.

Removed the chain that was attached to the shaft of the motor for hanging a mirror ball.

Used a cover from a CD or DVD multiple disk container. Cut about an inch from the sides of this cover. Then drilled a hole in the center just a little smaller than the diameter on the Mirror Ball Motor shaft.

Then slid the cover onto the shaft with the open side facing outwards, like a cup would be facing you when drinking from it. Had to use a nail as a cotter key, placed a piece of packing tape over it and onto the cd/dvd cover to help hold the nail, I mean Cotter Key, in place.

Found a Foam Plate Container for packaging plates into it for moving purposes. This was cut into 1" strips and used to cover the outside diameter of cd/dvd disk cover unit.

Decided to use to use a damaged cd/dvd disc and print some favorites flies onto it for looks for the inside area of the cd/dvd cutout cover unit. Took slim Popsicle sticks and broke into 3/4" long pieces, made 16 pieces. Toolk four pieces and wrapped in packaging tape. Did this four times. As these four individually wrapped pieces are to serve as a spacer between the nail head and the cd/dvd. Took a used or damaged cd/dvd disc and placed these wrapped, broken sticks onto the backside of the damaged cd/dvd disc. Slid this cd/dvd onto the shaft of the motor. Placed packaging tape over the cd/dvd center opening and the shaft of the motor.

Found a book end, not packed away yet, to use for placement of the newly created dryer. The book end is roughly 8" tall and 5" wide on the base.

Placed some flies on it, turned on the motor and everything stayed in placed. The 6RPM motor is just slow enough that placing and removing of flies/jigs can be done without having to stop the motor.

Will put a On/Off inline switch on after the move.

Have Fun Drying.

Step 3: The Pictures

Here is the pictures used.



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    The grand kids really have been enjoying theirs as well. They also use it dry model airplanes parts after painting the pieces. They use tape, roll it into a tube shape, place the tube shape tape onto the part being painted on and then stick it onto the foam. Have fun with the design and making one for your self. Hope your fishing is as good there as it is here.