Rotator Cuff Bracelet





Introduction: Rotator Cuff Bracelet

About: Engineer by day and creataholic by night

Step 1: Sizing and Printing Your Bracelet

Step 2: Cleaning Your Bracelet for Proper Function

Step 3: Customizing and Changing the Solidworks CAD Files

Step 4: Changing the Size and Number of Rings

Step 5: Changing the Height of the Rings



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    18 Discussions

    I would love to buy one here's my email please email me. I would love to talk more about this and pricing on it. This is really awesome!!!


    Connor Andrjeski

    2 replies

    I'm seeing a nice way to organize all the wires behind my computer. Perhaps even to contain my climbing rope. Great concept.

    OK DC Comic fans. I smell a Wonder Women movie prop. Or Captain Marvel !!!!

    You must sell these! I totally wanted one as soon as I saw it, even more so after seeing the cool action in the video.

    2 replies

    Thanks :) I'm considering putting it on Shapeways or Kickstarter so people can buy them if they don't own a 3D printer.

    Wow, thanks :) If you end up making any I'd love to see them so shoot me a link or photo if you're up to it.

    This is a wonderful idea! Looking at especially the white one (but any color could be worked with just the same) My brain is literally spewing out all sorts of girl and guy grunge design ideas for these as well as more girly designs away from grunge and even like boy surf designs. I could totally amp these up! Great idea! Love it!