How to Make Rough Sawn / Hewn Beams

If you want to create the look of an old wood beam, this is a fairly simple, and fast way to do it.

1 - Use Standard Pine 1x6s. They are cheap, and already have imperfections.

2 - Using 3 boards, build a 3-sided "trough" that will be mounted on your ceiling.

3 - Using an electric chain saw, completely rough up every surface.

4 - Using a course grit orbital sander, knock off all the frayed wood.

5 - Stain and install!

More detailed explanation in the video.

Step 1: Buy Cheap Pine Boards

The cheapest boards have the most defects, which adds character.

Step 2: Build a Beam Shape

Glue and nail the boards together in a box shape.

Step 3: Rough Up Beam With Electric Chain Saw

Hold the saw at about 15 degrees and drag it over the wood

Step 4: Sand Off the Wood Chips

This is just a light sanding to remove any wood chips that are hanging on

Step 5: Stain

Use whatever brand and color you like. Paint on and quickly wipe off excess.

Step 6: Dry and Mount

Let the stain dry overnight and your beams are ready to mount.



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