Rough to Wavy (360 Styling)



The following tutorial is here to help you go from Nappy to Wavy. This is the official guide to get you on your journey to "360".

Step 1: Materials

  • All you need to achieve 360 perfection is:
  • A Medium Boar Wave Brush
  • Shampoo (anything that works for you)
  • Wave Styling Grease ( Taliah Waajid :Curly Curl Cream is preferred)
  • Wave Cap (doesn't have to be expensive)

Step 2: Lather Up.

  1. Put an applicable amount of shampoo in hand.
  2. Lather scalp with shampoo.

Step 3: Brushing Suds!

With a lathered scalp, brush hair in all directions (downwards, with the grain)

*this process helps reveal your first steps toward a wavy pattern*

Step 4: Grease Up!

  1. Take a Quarter size amount of Taliah Waajid :Curly Curl Cream (or another wave styling gel) in palm of hand.
  2. Rub through hair, evenly.

Step 5: Brush and Brush and Ummm..... Brush

Just as you did in the shower, brush in all four directions in a downward (with the grain) way

Brushing is essential to getting the pattern showing

Just keep on brushing and brushing and ummm... Brushing

Step 6: Caps On.

Take your wave cap and put it on. Simple right?

*this will tighten your wave pattern and conceal the flow*

Step 7: Repeat

"Repeat as Needed" or until waves form and get wavier.

Remember that brushing is the only way to achieve a wavy pattern

Patience is a virtue.

Step 8: Brush and Cap More!

Periodically Take off Your Wave Cap to Let Brain Breath

Brush Continuously

Repeat until you achieve the style you like.

Step 9: Thank You!

Thank you and hopefully I was a help on your journey from Rough to Wavy!



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    1 year ago

    That looks nice! Thanks for sharing :)