Round Box Made of Empty Tape Centers




Introduction: Round Box Made of Empty Tape Centers

About: I am a student of textile design and fashion in the EUCD (Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño) in Uruguay. I use google translator to write so excuse me for my bad english. :)

Had at home a lot of empty tape centers I didn't want to to throw them away because cardboard is always useful. All had the same diameter and thickness so i could use two to make a round box. 
I tried once to do a round box out of grey cardboard, and it didn't come out well. For small boxes empty tape centers and other cardboard cylinders makes it easier.

This is my first instructable, it's been a while since i'm around and i've learned a lot from you people and now i feel like I should contribute with something. So I hope you all like this instructable and if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me. 

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
- 2 empty tape centers 
- Scraps of 2mm Grey cardboard (enough to cut two circles the diameter of the tape center)
- 1 piece of 1mm grey cardboard (enough to cut a strip slightly higher than the top of the box and long as the internal perimeter of the center of the tape)
- Glue
- Metal ruler, scissors and a utility knife
-  white paper and thin gift paper 
- Sanding paper (60 or 100 grit will be ok)

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Bottom and Top of the Box

Grab one of the tape centers and mark with a pencil on the 2 mm cardboard 2 circles the size of the tape center. Cut them with the utility knife (it doesnt matter if they are not perfectly round or if there's sloppy edges, the sanding paper will fix that)
Once you've cut them apply glue around the edge of one of the circles and the top of one of the tape centers, let the glue set a little bit and press them together. Do the same to the other tape center.

Step 3: The Top of the Box

Now... The top and the bottom of the box are the same size. To close it I added a 1mm cardboard strip a little bit wider that the box cover on the inside that fits inside the lower side. Don't glue the strip to the box cover. Line it with the gift paper and set to dry inside the box.

Step 4: Lining the Box (part I)

Now that the lined strip is dry remove it from the box. 
Take one of the parts of the box and brush it with glue.
Line with white paper only the outside of the box without bending the excess of paper inside the box. If there is any excess of paper cut it away and press the lined surface with a pen to make the surface as flat as possible. 
Repeat with the other part of the box. 

Step 5: Lining the Box (part II)

Now that the white box has dried it's time to line it with a pretty paper. I prefer cheap thin gift paper because it adapts well to any surface without leaving any sloppy edge when you glue it. 
First line the sides cutting a strip wider than the piece of the box so you can fold the excess inside the box and over the top. and then go to the top and the bottom of the box. 
Now glue the cardboard strip inside the box cover.
And it's done :)

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