Round Gift Box From Scratch

Introduction: Round Gift Box From Scratch

Make a round gift box in no time. Personalize your box for any occasion and it will be much appreciated. My supply list is for this specific box, but I would recommend you use what you have at home. Basically all you need is paper, glue and scissors. What will yours look like?

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1-2 scrapbooking papers 12x12" also called cardstock (depending on if you want one or two colors on your box)

1-2 patterned papers for decoration 12x12"



Glue (I use scrappy glue for almost all my projects)



Diecut machine (optional) to make even circles and scalloped circle


Printed out text

Tissue paper

3D glaze

Colored markers

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

The box itself and the lid are made exactly the same way. The only difference is that the lid is a few millimeters bigger so it fits over the box.

Cut two strips - one is for the box and the other for the lid. The width of the strip is how high your box will be. My strips are 8cmx30.5cm. Cut out two circles using something round as a template or use a diecut machine. Make sure the circumference is not bigger than the length of the strips.

Step 3: Prepare the Strips

Measure 1.5cm in along the length of the strips and mark with a pencil. With a scissor cut "V"s at an angle (see photo).

Take one of the circles, put glue on the "teeth" on the strip and work your way around the circle attaching them as you go along.

When you are starting to come full circle, cut the strip (if needed) so it's just a few centimeters left and attach the last part.

Step 4: Make the Inside Neater

Cut out two extra circles and glue them on the inside of the box and lid. This covers the "teeth" and makes the inside look neater.

Step 5: Decorate the Lid

Cut a strip of patterned paper and glue to the side of the lid.

Cut a piece of ribbon and attach it to the side aswell.

Step 6: Decorate the Top of the Lid

Cut out a scalloped circle in green cardstock. Cut out a circle in patterned paper. Attach two eyelets and a ribbon making it look like a button. Attach the circle to the top of the lid.

Stamp/print out an image of a baby and color it.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Attach the colored babyimage to the lid.

Print out/write a message "cute as a button". Color it, cut out and attach to the lid.

Step 8: Last Details

Add 3D glaze to the letters and the baby's eyes.

Prepare the tissue paper by cutting two squares a bit bigger than the box and putting them as seen on photo.

And there you have it! No need to go out and buy any expensive boxes. You can personalize this box by adding a photo of the recipient for example.

Hope you liked my tutorial. If you did, please consider voting for me in the "paper craft contest".

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