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Introduction: Router CNC Nylon

Hi everybody, i had build on router CNC in Nylon, and i will give you my photos, drawings and my help to you build one too. This machine is a few expensive, around 500 euros, but is very helpful.


-Small footprint (~26cmx22cmx10cm)
-Ability to cut ply-wood
-velocity cut rate (20mm/s)
-Dremel with 10k-33k rpm

Let's start ;)

My portuguese blog:

Step 1: Mechanical Parts

This machine was build with parts of Nylon, Aluminium and Steel. In photos you can see all mechanical parts that you need, but to build the parts, you will need a miller machine, except for some parts like linear bearing, cylinder linear rail, ball screw with nut and the BK/BF 12 (this last are the parts with a bearing inside), that you will find on ebay at good price.

The ball of screw are SFU1605 (3 units), linear bearing are 8mm (2 units) and 10mm (6 units), cylinder linear rail are 8mm (2 units) and 10mm (4units) and BK/BF 12 (3 units).

All dimensions are in drawings on next step...

The screws (umbrako) are:
M3x30 - 8
M4x30 - 36
M4x35 - 12
M4x50 - 12
M5x20 - 18
M5x20 (conic head) - 4
M5x35 - 12
M6x20 - 10
M8x20 - 4
M8x35 - 16

The nuts are:
M8 - 4
M10 - 8

The flat washer are:

M3 - 8
M4 - 60
M5 - 30
M6 - 10
M8 - 20

Step 2: Photos of CNC

Here you can see the application of the parts, where you will put them. You will need Allen hex key and hex screwdriver to join the parts.

Step 3: Electricity and Control

In electrical part, you will need:
-3 Nema 23 motor 4.2v 2.8A
-1 board TB6560
-1 power supply 24v 15A
-1 DC/DC converter 5-40v
-1 cooler
-1 dremel
-1 LPT cable
-1 tb6560 hand controller

All you have in the pictures you can buy on eBay or in a store, and you have how to wiring schematic on pictures too.

Step 4: Technical Drawings

This are all my drawings to construct of my CNC machine, with this, you can reproduce every mechanical part, but some parts, you can buy them on ebay cheap, like linear bearing, ball screw with nut, and BK/BF 12. Every other parts you will need a miller machine to build.

Step 5: Configuration

To control my CNC, i used the software "linuxCNC" because is practical and free, it works very well, on pictures you will have the configurations of software.

Step 6: Finished

I hope I have not left out any details but if you think of something you'd like to know which I have forgetful please just ask. Tomorrow i will demonstrate that it all works a video of my machine, engraving an apple. Thank you for see my article, I hope that you like :)

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    Vikram SinghR
    Vikram SinghR

    4 years ago

    Hello buddy, can i use 3.25Amp unipolar six wire stepper motor with TB6560 shield. Please replay fast its argent


    4 years ago

    Hi friend, your project is good :)

    Can you tell me, do you know where I can find electrical scheme of driver Toshiba tb6506 ? Thank you in advance