Router Jig

Introduction: Router Jig

This will be my first instructable so please work with me here. This is a Router jig which is a tool to help me take pieces of wood that I have split and want to make boards out of but there is no way to use a chainsaw or an axe to make it smooth enough to be able to use it for something.

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Step 1: Materials

These are the materials that I used. Depending on how wide and how long of boards you are wanting to make you may need to change materials or just change dimensions.

4x8ft sheet of MDF

I needed only 3 screws to be able to attach the router to the sled, you may need more.

8ft 1x4 for the side rails

Wood screws

Step 2: Tools

The only tools I needed were:

Circular saw

Cordless drill

Plunge Router

Hole saw

Step 3: Make a Sled

The sled is the board attached to the router. Its purpose is to allow the router to be vertically stable but allow it to move horizontally as much as you want. I made my sled out of MDF its 1ft x 4ft. It has a hole in the center for the router bit to drop through. (see pic 2) After we drilled the hole we marked where the screw holes were on the router so we could attach the router to the sled. (see pic 3)

Step 4: Build the Table

The table is a piece of MDF with a 1x4 on each side to hold up the sled. On the underside of the table I screwed the rails down with 4 screws.

Step 5: Find a Split Log

I have a board that I have previously been working on so it is flat enough on both sides to not need shims to keep it from wobbling back and forth while routing.

Step 6: Work

Once you have finished building the sled and the table you are ready to make boards. Keep in mind though that this will take a while to finish one board depending on what time of wood you are using and how big each board is. The harder the wood the longer you will be there. The best setup for this is if you could put all of this onto a table to stand up while working because if your working on the floor your knees, back, hips, arms, and basically everything else will start to hurt.

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