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I have added a BOSCH Router Table to my Grizzly Tablesaw G0715P

Step 1: Plans, Cutting List, and Purchased Parts

After looking for months at Router Tables, and debating if I should buy or make the Table, I found a BOSCH RA1171 for $125.00. It is a complete Table, stand, fence... which was less than the cost to make one.
I measured between the 2 angle brackets and from the extension table out. I trimmed the back out the Router Table top just enough to get a flat surface.
The Grizzly saw already has mounting holes on the angle brackets and the saw extension. See the 2 photos of the saw.
For the router table I used the top, fence, switch, and extra wood holding feathers.
For the rest of it, I may use in another project

Step 2: Doing a Fit Check of Wood Frame in the Metal Frame

Before applying glue, I screwed the sides ( 1 ) to the back ( 2 ) and checked to assure it fit and I marked the 9 holes that needed to be drilled.
I then disassembled the sides from the back and drilled the 9 holes on the drill press. Note that the holes are below surface where the Router Table sits. I had to counter bore the holes to get the correct fit..
Important note, I choose to make the frame 1/8" below the Tablesaw table surface but aligned the Router Table to be flush.
I used allen head button screws for the back bracket and table extension and flush head screws for the front bracket. The front bracket uses these to mount it to the table

Step 3: Marting the Miter Gage Notch

I next marked the notch for the miter gage, and cut it using the tablesaw.

Step 4: Painting the Router Table Frame

I choose to paint the frame black to match the table saw angle brackets. You can note that the new frame is below the table. I did the as I wanted the wood to run on the Formica top and not the black painted surface.

Step 5: Finished Product

Note that I added the switch to the lower brace ( 3 ) on the cutting sheet.
I plan to cut 1/2" round plugs with the grey Formica to plug 4 holes on the table top that were used when mounting to the base.
I also bought a Velcro strap to hold the switch and router wires.
Lastly, I sanded and polished the metal insert on the router table.



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    1 year ago

    Hi Bruce, I just bought a used G0715P and planned to put a router table extension on it. Mine did not come with predrilled holes in the wing and there's only 1 pre-drilled hole in the front and back fence rails. I'm curious if Grizzly started doing this on later years of this model or what

    3 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Not sure. I bought mine just over a year ago and had 3 holes on the table, and both fence rails.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks. Mine was made in 2011. I asked Grizzly customer service and they said the right wing and rails for this model has never had additional holes - and to add an extension table you're supposed to remove the right wing so it exposes the bolt holes. Maybe you just lucked out? I plan to mimic something similar to this. How's it been working out?


    Reply 1 year ago

    WOW. I guess I did. It works great, I like having the extra table on the side even without the router. One thing you might benefit with is drilling the holes a bit higher as the holes I had required me to recess the area for the bolts. Any questions please ask. My neighbor has a shop with the 220 3hp and added one as well. My only complaint is based on my garage, the levers for the wheels to move the saw are on the same side so I have to reach under with my foot to push them down.


    2 years ago

    Very nicely done. Good, clean add-on that looks very useful and space saving. I need to do this . . !

    1 reply