Routing Packages Through Cornerstone Hall Desk


Introduction: Routing Packages Through Cornerstone Hall Desk

Iowa State University contains numerous hall desks within its many residence halls. Hall desks perform a lot of services for students, one of which is package and mail delivery. As a community advisor, it's now your duty to ensure packages are logged and routed correctly once they arrive at the desk. Roberts hall houses Cornerstone Hall Desk, our location of interest in this tutorial.

I know you're excited to learn how to perform such an important job as a new community advisor! Make sure to look up instructions for the specific hall desk you are staffing; this tutorial addresses only Cornerstone Hall Desk, a central mail hub for nine residence halls.

Step 1: Obtain Package

Packages can come from different carriers, so keep an eye peeled for who's handing you mail. You'll need to know this information in a later step. Some carriers include, but are not limited to:

U.S. Mail
Speedee Delivery

In this picture example, UPS is plainly labeled on both the box.

Step 2: Determine Destination

Packages can be directed to any of the following:

Birch / Welch / Roberts (BWR)
Barton / Lyon / Freeman (BLF)
Oak / Elm

If the address is to one of the last two lines (Oak, Elm, or Linden) then two extra minor clicks will be needed in later steps in order to forward the package on to those respective hall desks for student delivery.

Step 3: Go to Package Tracking Website

Follow the link above to login to the package tracking system. Use your ISU net ID and password.

Step 4: Enter Recipient's Room Number

Enter the room number addressed on the package into the field located below "Receive" (as opposed to "Pickup")

Step 5: Click Recipient's Net ID

A list of resident's living in rooms with the number you specified will appear.

Naturally, you must choose the correct resident being addressed by the package.

Step 6: Complete Needed Information

The page on-screen at this point has several fields of information to complete. Make sure you check these three fields:

Checkbox: "Wrong Mailroom?"

The carrier is what was determined in step 1. Choose said carrier from the drop down list.
Mailroom will always be Cornerstone, also chosen from a drop down menu.

Finally, check the box labeled "Wrong Mailroom?" if the package belongs to a resident living in Oak, Elm, or Linden.

Click "Submit"

Step 7: Routing to Oak/Elm or Linden

If the package belongs to an Oak/Elm or Linden resident, click the field next to "Mailroom" and choose the appropriate location to route the package (Oak/Elm or Linden).

Click "Submit"

Step 8: Label the Package

Grab a big black marker!

On the smallest face of the box, or largest open space on a bag, write largely:

Package Number
Last Name

Step 9: Put Packages Away

If a package belongs to Oak/Elm or Linden, put it with others in their respective mail bags.

If a package belongs to BWR/BLF, put it on it's respective shelf located along the back wall of the desk area.

Step 10: Deliver Oak/Elm and Linden Packages

After shelving all of the packages for BWR and BLF as seen in the photo, grab the loaded mail bags for Oak/Elm and Linden and start walking.

Proceed to Oak/Elm and Linden Hall Desks to give them their packages.

Return to the Cornerstone Hall Desk.



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