Roux Recipe: Cajun

Introduction: Roux Recipe: Cajun

Learn how to make a roux with is the base of any cajun stew or gumbo. I love cooking any kind of food but cajun food is my favorite!! Born and raise in south Louisiana, making a roux is a necessity in so many delicious meals. I hope you enjoy and please subscribe

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Step 1: Heat Up Pan and Add Oil

First thing to do is heat up the pan on Medium High. The heavier the pan the better. I'm using a cast iron pot because they make the best roux. Do to the amount of gumbo I was making, I used 2 cups of oil. You always want to add equal parts cooking oil to equal parts flour.

Step 2: Add Equal Parts Flour and Stir

Once the oil is hot, add the flour. Stir with a wire whisk or spoon. you must stir continuously because if the roux sits stationary for too long, it will burn quickly and ruin the entire roux. Stir for about 20 minutes or until you get the consistency as seen in the video.

Step 3: Add Onions and Water

When you get to a color that is slightly lighter than what you are wanting, turn the stove off (the roux will continue cooking, don't stop stirring for long). Add the onions and stir some more. I like to add water right now but you can dish the roux out and refrigerate if you need to use it later. Enjoy!

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Cajun Chef

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This one in particular was made for a Gumbo! I will be posting the recipe for the Gumbo today sometime.