Rovolt(ish) Chair Maquette

Introduction: Rovolt(ish) Chair Maquette

This is how you make a Rovolt(ish) chair with a lasercutting machine.

What do you need for making this object:

A Computer with Adobe Illustrator.
A laser cutting machine
Sheet material (in this case 3mm thickness)

I have put in the actual .AI-file so you can just copy it and cut it at your own lasercutter.

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Step 1: Preparing

Grab your Computer and start up Illustrator.

Than download the following file and start it up.

Start by setting up you file to the size of the lasercutter, so you object will always fit in the machine.

Make sure that all of the lines are RGB red 255, this has to be that way because otherwise the cutter won't be able to see you object.

Arrange all the components as close to each other as possible, this will save you material, money and time.

Now you are almost ready to cut.

Step 2: Lasercutting

The lasercutter I used was a Trotec Speedy 100R, so all of the settings I will give now are related to this machine, you machine may be different and need other settings.

First step for cutting is, pressing "print" in Illustrator.

Then select the Trotec as you "printer"

Set up the setting of the laser

Insert your sheet material (3mm thickness and cut to measure so it fits in your machine)

Set up the height of the laserhead, this is to make sure the focus of the laserbeam is best.

Export the printfile to the Trotec cutting program

Place you object in the most upper left corner, this is for an easy reference.

Press the "Play" button and your chair will be cutted in a couple of minutes.

Step 3:

The last step has arrived!!

Your chair looks like a flat peace still so take the components gently out of the machine.

Now its time to assemble your chair and maybe paint it.

Your chair is completely finish now

Have fun with it!!

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