Row Cover Hot House

Introduction: Row Cover Hot House

Step 1: We Need a Way to Start Our Garden Earlier ...

We needed a way to protect our plants from late frosts in the spring and early frosts in the fall. It needed to stand up to the winds and not blow away. I bought two cattle panels and welded a 2" steel pipe to the bottom. I tied the two panels together with wire wrapped then covered it with foam to protect the plastic. I then covered the end with foam which we taped in place. We bent the walls 3 panels up to give it height and more coverage. It is easy to fold to water and place back on the plants. I used 6 mil plastic but would recommend 4 mil to let in a bit more light. They stay warm, 70 degrees inside on a 34 degree morning. The moisture feeds back into the ground as it gathers on the plastic inside the covers.

Step 2: I Made a Short Slideshow Which I Hope Will Help You When You Build Yours

Step 3: Early Vegetables ...

After a few short weeks, our broccoli plants gave us a surprise; little heads! What a nice February surprise!

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    This is really smart, and it looks like it will result in some very happy plant life! Thanks for sharing, hope to see more from you in the future!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Actually the results have been unbelievable as we ate our first broccoli last week. It has been truly amazing watching the plants thrive as we have had snow and some very cold weather but the covers provided the shelter.