Roy Lichtenstein




Introduction: Roy Lichtenstein

This costume was inspired by the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein . The painting “Forget It! Forget Me!” (1962 ) is an early work of the female creatures otherwise known as women. Based on cartoons and mostly blond, they are anonymous, beautiful and often unhappily bothered, usually by men. Or, if you like, by boys.

The costume is simple but tedious. Combining some of our own clothing articles and a couple thrift store grabs we were able to assemble the attire for the couple. The painting was done with simple face paints and a great deal of patience to create the dotted effect Roy used in his work.



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    7 Discussions

    This is great--human halftones! Needs the comic/pulp facial expressions, too...

    That's really awesome! One of the best costumes I've ever seen