Rubber Band Bracelet (Simple)

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Step 1: Starting (Part 1)

First,you have to have some rubber bands to even start so get that. Have about 20 ruber bands.

Step 2: Starting (Part 2)

And also have a clip to clip up the ending or you could just tie or something.

Step 3: Start to Make the Bracelet

Take a rubber band. For the forst one you twist it.

Step 4: Start to Make Your Bracelet (Part 2)

Take another rubber band and just put it on top of the other.

Step 5: Almost Done People!!!!

Than you put the very first rubber band well you pull it up than put drop it on the middle of your fingures.

Step 6: Finally

Now you put the other one in just like the step before.

Step 7: Finished

Done! You could make yours any color!.

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