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Introduction: Rubber Band Bracelet

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Step 1: What You Need

What you need...
Rubber bands for making the bracelets (you can get at a craft store)
C clips or paper clips I'm using c clips

Step 2: Grab One

Start by getting 1 rubber band

Step 3: Pinch

Pinch it together

Step 4: Get Another

Get another rubber band ....
Pinch it the same way

Step 5: Pinch and Place

Place one rubber band in front of the other one

One sideways and the other going up and down (the one going up and down is the one in the back) (the rubber band in the front is sideways)

The one going up and down you ate going to use first,

Hold the rubber bands in one hand still one sideways and the other going up and down, the one going up and down you are going to grab the bottom and pull it over the top part of threat same rubber band. Pull it tight

Step 6: Put It Through

Get another rubber band push it through the loops of the beginning rubber bands

Step 7: Pinch and Put It Through

Slightly pinch the rubber band push another rubber band through do this several times (small wrists 19) (larger writs 20-23)

Step 8: Finish Rubber Bands

To do the finishing rubber band you have to put it through like you have been doing the past several times but this time push one end of the rubber band though the other end like shown in the photo

Step 9: Pull

.....then pull tight

Step 10: Does It Look the Same?

This photo should look like what yours is supposed to look like

Step 11: C Clips

But now, get your "C clip"

Step 12: Stretch and Place

Stretch the ending rubber band and attach the "C clip"

Step 13: Do the Same

Do the same with the other end

Step 14: Done! :)


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    Jeana Grace
    Jeana Grace

    6 years ago

    Your welcome did I explain it good? srife


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have been looking all over for a tutorial to make this without the loom!!!! Thank you very much!!!!