Rubber Band Challenge:- HARD DISK CASE

Introduction: Rubber Band Challenge:- HARD DISK CASE

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Hi!.. Today I am going to tell you another way to save your Hard disk With any type of damage as a Hard Disk Case (HDD Case) do it.

So, I will tell you the way to make a Hard Disk Case. This way is called "Jugaad" in Indian language.
Let's Start!.....

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Step 1: Required

We need some items which are easily available in our home. if not then buy it but let me tell you something any shopkeeper will give some items in free.

Items required:- Found it:-

  • Cartoon Box Sheet (cut it as you need) :- Any type of box that will fit for your HDD
  • PU Foam Sheets:- Inside new Shirt or T-Shirt
  • Bubble wrap:-It is used for Wrapping some thing to save from damage
  • Tape:- Stationery Store
  • Scissor:- Stationery Store
  • Steel Rular (to fold cartoon box):- Stationery Store
  • Pencil or Pen:- Stationery Store

Step 2: Procedure

1. Make mark on the box sheet like a box with a pen or pencil .

2. Cut Cartoon Box sheet on mark like first image.

3. Fold the PU Foam sheet in half and cut extra portions.

4. Paste Bubble Wrap on PU Foam sheet with the help of some tape.

5. Paste both thing on the box sheet with some tape.

6. Then place your HDD and wire of HDD on it and fold the box.

Step 3: Rubber Work

Now we need some Rubber Bands.

First let's discuss about Rubber Band.
Question :- What is Rubber Band???? Answer :- A rubber band, also known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, laggy band, or elastic, is a short length of rubber and latex, elastic in nature and formed in the shape of a circle which is commonly used to hold multiple objects together.

Now take rubber bands and turn around the box you made.

Now if the drop the box from a height then nothing will happen to your HDD. If you drop your HDD Case having HDD then most probably the Zip side will effect your HDD.

I dropped mine both HDD Cases. HDD Case which i bought was making little sound but there is no sound when i dropped Cartoon Box Sheet HDD Case.

If you want a permanent HDD Case then put some tape on it.

Step 4: Done!

Now you can judge. What will you prefer a 10$ Hard Disk Case or home made 0.25$ Hard Disk Case.

0.25$ HDD Case is more effect than 10$ HDD Case.

Make yours and Enjoy It!!!!

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