Rubber Band Gatling Gun

Introduction: Rubber Band Gatling Gun

Hello and in this instructable, I will show you how to make a rubber band gatling gun.

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Step 1: Step One: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:

1/2 Inch Pipe:

4 Three-Way Corner Connectors

2 T-Connectors

2 Corner Connectors

6 11 Inch Pieces

4 12 Inch Pieces

6 3 Inch Pieces

2 Inch Pipe:

1 11 Inch Piece


Dremel Tool

PVC Cutter


Step 2: Step Two: Start Barrel

For this step, you want to take all of your 11-inch pipes. You then want to wrap them around a 12-inch pipe.

Step 3: Step Three: Securing the Barrel

After you have wrapped the 11-inch pipes around the 12-inch pipe straighten them so that they are straight. Afterward, you will want to zip tie the pipes together to make sure they stay straight.

Step 4: Step Four: Building the Barrel

After zip tying the pipes together make sure to hot glue them together in the correct position. Also, make sure that you are prepared and have the hot glue gun ready.

Step 5: Step Five: Cutting Barrels Notches

This process is very long and stressful. I was feeling extremely tired after working on it for so long. I would recommend a Dremel tool to help cut out the notches. Make sure each notch is 3/4 inch away from the last. Choose a side that you would like to be the front of the gun and cut the first notch about 3 inches from the front. Use a sawing top of a Dremel or use a file to cut down the notches. Each notch should be slightly tilted to prevent the rubber bands from falling out. Once done cut small indents at the front of the pipe to put the rubber bands in. Always wear a face mask when cutting PVC.

Step 6: Step Six: the Frame

To begin to assemble the frame you would want to take all of the 3-way corners connectors along with two 3 inch pipes and 2 twelve inch pipes. Put them together with the 3-inch pipe being the front and back while the twelve-inch pipes are the sides. Then insert 4 more 3-inch pipes into the corner pieces.

Step 7: Step Seven: Scope/Cord Holder

For this step, you will need the 2-inchthickpipe piece. You must put both of the t connectors on two of the 3-inch pipes jetting out of the corner pieces. This will be your scope. Then put the 2-inch wide piece around a twelve-inch piece which you just thread into the two T connectors. This will act as your method of shooting. You must use your hand to spin the larger 2-inch thick pipe which will pull the rope through the barrel which we will set up next.

Step 8: Step Eight: Attaching the Barrel

In this step, you will be attaching the barrel so that you can load and fire the gun. You will need the corner connectors and a 12-inch piece to go in between all of the 11-inch pieces in the circular shape. You take a little bit of the 12-inch pipe on each side and attach it to two-way corner connectors which you will then attach to the main 3-inch pipe.

Step 9: Step Nine: Loading

To load the gun you run the paracord through one loop around the pipe. You then cover them with a rubber band and repeat to process over and over until you reach the top. Make sure that on end is attached to the 2-inch thick pipe.

Step 10: Step Ten: Shooting

To shoot you can choose your speed by rotating the two-inch thick pipe at a slow rate and to make it faster spin it faster.

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    2 years ago

    That's an interesting idea :) Do you have any progress photos for the rest of the steps?


    Reply 2 years ago