Rubber Band Gun "Silencer" Mod




Introduction: Rubber Band Gun "Silencer" Mod

About: I have all sorts of hobbies, but rubber band guns and R/C electric-powered R/C buggies are my favorite hobbies.

A removable mod that gives extra firing power when used correctly.

Step 1: Things Needed

1. Hacksaw (be careful)
2. File or other small grinding tool
3. (optional) Sharpie or other permanent marker
4. A rubber band gun with a "barrel"
5. Up to 1 foot of PVC pipe with a diameter only slightly larger than the rubber band gun "barrel"
6. Rubber bands (for firing)

Step 2: What to Do With the PVC Pipe

First off, make sure that the rubber bands can stretch 1.5 feet or so each. Most of my rubber bands came from the original gun set, but the rest and spares came from a large bag of assorted rubber bands from Staples. If the rubber bands don't make the cut, shorten the PVC pipe to 5"-8" with the hacksaw. In other words, cut off a little PVC pipe. Sand, smooth, or grind as requested or wanted. Careful with that hacksaw, though.
2. Use the grinding tool to make a 1/10-1/5 inch notch across one of the PVC pipe ends.
3. (optional) Make aligning markings from any side of the gun to the corresponding part of the PVC pipe. Make sure the PVC pipe is at its most "conforming" side.

Step 3: Using the Mod

1. Slide the pipe over the barrel, before or after loading some or all of your rubber bands. Of course, it will be a lot harder loading the rubber bands over the "silencer".
2. FIRE!!!

Have fun!

Step 4: WARNING!

Remember, this mod increases the tension of the rubber band. NEVER point either end at face. i take NO responsibility for whatever you may do or whatever may happen when you are using or try to make this mod.




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    18 Discussions

    Why would you ever need a silencer for a rubber. Band gun that's just plain stupid

    1 reply

    It doesn't work as a silencer, of course, but it adds power.

    If you're looking for me, go to my page, because Maxaxle88 is my old account (forgot the password, d'oh).

    Oh sure this is great because rubber band guns are always so loud. wh call it a silencer and not something else to do with the power of the shot or the extra stretch of the band.

    im doing this to my m16 i might pet a tactical rail or two for a scope and some sort of grenade launcher

    very cool. im going to make this, and put it on my rubbber band gun. how did you come up with this idea?

    excellnt instructable. i never knew they had carbine style RB pistols. 5 stars in its class

    I got mine from a tiny store, but you can also get the expensive, hand-made kind from Backyard Artillery (, even if I don't know how much it can be trusted...

    *sigh* it all matters where you are. Also, I don't exactly go on read trips to see where rubber band guns are sold. Still, the smaller shops and online shops sell them, online ones are in greater supply. Just search for "rubber band gun"!!!