Rubber Band Key Holder

Introduction: Rubber Band Key Holder

Hello guys, I'm Sanjeevni, this is my first instructable.
This instructable is about how to make a key holder using rubber bands.
I saw a rubber band contest so I decided to enter, please vote.......

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Step 1: Materials

The materials required in this instructable are listed below
1. Some Rubber Bands
2. Two metal rods(one big and one a little smaller than the other)
3. Shoelace
4. Sealing adhesive
5. Aluminum wire

Step 2: Rubber Bands Connection

Tie the rubber band with each other as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Sticking the Rubber Band

Stick five rubber band on the metal rod.
Then below that put 5 rubber bands
then below that put 3 rubber bands and then put 1 last rubber band at the end............

Step 4: Finishing

Make hooks using aluminium wires for the keys to hang..
(sorry I dont have a pic of the hook.)
Take your shoelace and glue it equally on the rod as shown in the image above.....

Step 5: Thank You

Thanxxx for watching this instructable if you like it please vote it in the rubber bands contest......

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