Rubber Band Pencil/Pen Holder




Introduction: Rubber Band Pencil/Pen Holder

I made this pencil/pen holder with just a few supplies. You can go "au naturel" or get some paint to liven it up.

Step 1: Supplies:

  • Spray Paint (if you decide to color it)
  • 4.5" Square piece of wood (you can use a different size/shape)
  • 2 ~ 4' dowel rods -- 1/4" diameter
  • E6000 glue (or other wood glue)
  • 20 Equal length rubber bands (this will vary if you change the size of the base)
  • Electric Drill
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 2: Measure the Base and the Dowel Rods

The base is marked at 0.75" intervals.

The dowel rods are 4" long. I used pruning shears to cut the dowel rods. If they're not perfectly measured, no problem ~ it will add to its character.

Step 3: Supplies All Cut

For the 4.5" square base, I needed 5 dowel rods for each side based on the 0.75" spacing.

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

Using the drill and a 1/4" drill bit, partially drill a hole through the base at all the marked points.

At this point, if you choose not to paint, skip to Step 7.

Step 5: Prepare to Paint

If you choose to paint, decide on whether you're painting everything one color or multiple colors like I did. I decided to paint the base red and alternate the dowel rods alternating colors, blue and yellow.

Step 6: Paint the Pieces

Cover your surface with newspaper and color the base.

Then color the dowel rods making sure you rotate to color all sides.

Allow to dry completely.

Step 7: Attaching the Dowels

Add a small dab of E6000 glue to each hole.

Insert the dowel rod and firmly twist in while pressing to make sure it's inserted as much as possible.

Continue alternating the colors.

Allow to dry completely, overnight preferably.

Step 8: First Row of Rubber Bands

1. Going in one direction (let's say left to right), pull a rubber band over opposite dowel rods. Pull rubber band towards the bottom of the rods to allow for another layer of rubber bands.

2. Now going the opposite direction (up and down), pull rubber bands over those opposite dowel rods, right on top of the first set. At this point you should have formed small rubber band squares.

Repeat steps one and two. You should have used all 20 rubber bands.

Step 9: Complete

Your Rubber Band Pencil/Pen holder is complete.

All you need are some pencils and pens.

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29 Discussions

I love this idea. If you changed the rubber bands on the opposite ends to span two dowels you could use that new row to store fat markers like Magic Markers.

1 reply

Thanks! Even as is, the rubber bands allow for fat markers too.

Make it out of metal and make it look like a Borg cube and you probably would sell quite a few...

... or make it out of glass and throw some lights to make it look like Marvel's Tesseract and you would probably sell even more...

1 reply

Interesting suggestions! If you end up making one, would love to see it!!

nothing is cooler then a simple idea and this one is great!

1 reply

Great idea, thank you for sharing! I think about using this design to store rolls of thread. Maybe I will try it first with a sturdy pre made box (or a pot) and cut some slots for the rubber bands.

4 replies

everyone knows you can use a coffee cup but this is more unique, cooler looking, and looks like it will make an amazing conversation starter.

That neat, creative, versatile, and modern in appearance!

The cool thing is it can hold different sized markers and pens pens because of the rubber bands in an organized way!

1 reply

Yes, it's definitely versatile i that sense! It could even work for an artist for paint brushes ~ the dowel rods would have to be closer and smaller diameter so the "rubber band squares" created would be smaller.