Rubber Band Race Car Track




Intro: Rubber Band Race Car Track

My friend Brooke and I thought wouldn't it be amazing to have easy to build and use race car track that sling shots your favorite toy car? So we created the rubber band race car track! Hope y'all like!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need 4 nails, 3 wood planks, 5-10 rubber bands, a toy car, and spray paint (optional).

Step 2: Getting Started

First you will need to hammer to nails into your wood plank and make a chain of rubber bands that connect to the nails.

Step 3: Adding Sides

Then, use two more nails to hammer in the sides.

Step 4: Decorating

When you are all done you can spray paint or duct tape or decorate your track how ever you would like!

Step 5: Testing Your Car

Finally, put your car on the track, sling shot it back and watch it speed down the track! Have fun!



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3 years ago on Introduction

It looks great! Do you have any videos of the track in action?


Hey, I noticed no one is commenting. If you have any idea why please comment and tell me why. Also, remember to vote for my instructable! Thanks yall