Rubber Band Sniper Gun

Intro: Rubber Band Sniper Gun

Hey there! If you are reading this then congratulations! You will be learning how to make a PVC sniper gun. This is a simple gun to make, it consists of 4 steps, and made from materials you normally have in your house.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need to make your rubber band sniper are three T pieces, two six inch PVC pieces, two three inch PVC pieces, one corner piece, a rubber band, duct tape, and a clip.

Step 2: Connect the PVC

Get a three inch piece and connect it to two T's, then use the other three inch and connect a T on the top and a 90 degree corner piece on the bottom, then get a six inch and connect the six inch to the 90 degree corner piece, after that you get the three inch with two T's and connect the bottom T to the six inch, then get the last six inch and connect to the top of the two T"s.

Step 3: Adding the Notch

Get a 3 inch piece of duct tape and roll it up with the sticky side facing out, do this twice. Stick those pieces of duct tape on the top of the PVC pipe and leave a little gap in-between. Then cover up the sticky side still remaining with duct tape, with duct tape, so the rubber band won't be stuck.

Step 4: Adding the Clip

Add the clip to the T with the 90 degree angle corner on the bottom, you should put the clip towards the back. Add a piece of duct tape on the back of the clip, then open the clip and add a piece of duct tape on the inside.



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