Rubber Band Ultimate Gun

Introduction: Rubber Band Ultimate Gun

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This gun is very easy to make and cheap also.We can also protect ourself with this by shooting it at the person coming to hurt us,so it also acts as a protective equipment.

Here,the rubber band acts as the gun's trigger.

The barrel of the gun is the body of pen and the bullet is a refill.

It can go 20 feet high.If it is shot towards a person from close it can hurt.

Note:Keep away from very small children as the nip can hurt someone serious.

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Step 1: Matrials Required

For making gun:

Just a body of pen

A pen cap

A rubber band

And a cello tape

For bullet:

A refill empty/filled

And a blade

Step 2: Making the Gun

Take the body of pen,pen cap and cello tape

Join the cap up-side down to the upper part of the pen with the help of cello tape,

this will make space between the cap and body of pen.

Step 3: Joining the Trigger

place the rubber band in the space between the cap and the body as shown.

Step 4: Making the Bullet

Take the refill and blade.

Make 2 V-shaped cut at the bottom of the refill in front of each other,this will make a slot.

Step 5: Shooting

Now your gun and bullet is ready. So let's shoot.

Load the refill into the pen,put the rubber band into the slot of the refill.

Pull the refill as shown and launch it.

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    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    5 years ago

    Nice Ible but please correct the spelling of shooting in intro...