Rubber Blaster 3D Printable IPhone 5 Case




This is my second entry after the "Tristand QR iPhone Case" (an iPhone Case with Built In Stands and personalised QR Coded Business Card) I have also created another: and the "3D Printable Rubber Band Gun (With Prank Mode!)" Promoting Office Warfare!

What is the 'Rubber Blaster 3D Printable iPhone Case'?
This is my latest design which I plan to convert from idea to reality soon! Don't think of this design as too practical as it is just meant to be fun to use.

Here is an customisable iPhone case for when shooting Angry Birds just isn't real enough!

Using a new and innovative mechanism, this iPhone case cleverly conceals a system for shooting elastic bands for those times that you want to take your anger out on a target, or even better, a workmate. This mechanism is cleverly designed to fold into the case and only add a small 2.25mm extra depth to the iPhone 5 when not in use, however this is completely disproportionate to the amount of fun it will give you! (A LOT!)
Check out this YouTube video for a computer generated animation of the case in action.
This design is customisable with the owners name engraved onto the case!

This design really shows off the capabilities of 3D Printing as a manufacturing technique, not only is this design manufactured by a 3D Printer, this design allows the whole product to be 3D Printed fully assembled in one piece, this means there is no need for product assembly; reducing the cost of manufacturing products and making them easier to produce, one step from manufacturing to packaging; thus making 3D Printing a very viable product manufacturing technique today.

My Background
I got into 3d printing the second I first read about it and have been hooked since. It's amazing how anything you can think up can then be turned into a physical object and how anyone can be a designer as I have demonstrated here. I teach myself how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) program's by constantly improving techniques through trial and error. Everything I design, I design with the hope of 3d printing it.

I am currently using Shapeways (a 3d printing bureau service that after uploading your design, mail you the prints within 2-3 weeks) based in the Netherlands for any designs I do decide to 3d print and am currently using the little profit from selling some designs on the site to create and print prototypes of new versions/designs. It takes weeks at a time for them to arrive and costs a lot more than home fabrication units (3d printers) can print due to the low cost of ABS / PLA filament, it would be so useful for me to expand my designs and hold them in my hand within hours, not weeks; also let's face it, who wouldn't want a 3D Printer, It would also be incredibally awesome to own one of these incredible machines however I don't have the spare cash (so please vote for this design to win, thanks). Check out My Shapeways Shop which contains more items I have designed (such as a rubber band gun with a prank mode (the shooter ends up shooting himself if a hidden switch is switched!)) Lastly, showing my passion for 3D Printing, I am a former Winner of the Gizmodo UK 3D Printing Challenge after designing a moving gymnast performing a backflip! (There is a video on the page)
In conclusion, I am sure that this MakerBot Replicator 2 won't be wasted on me and will be used a lot!

*This is a Contest Entry: Please Vote if you think this design is worthy to win a 3D Printer (Makerbot Replicator 2), I will be Truly Grateful, Thanks*



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    1 year ago

    Please can I download this for free?


    5 years ago

    And if You sell this can you make an instructables of it please


    5 years ago

    You should sell this on Amazon and for different devices