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Introduction: "Rubber" Bracelet

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Looking at eBay I was searching for silicone bracelets when I came across a Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty bracelet. When I was seeing the price I couldn't believe my eyes, $7.50 for a bracelet! I was thinking to myself why buy one when I can make one! I think that's how most instructables are created.

You are messing with fabric paint. Make sure to wear your smock or unwanted getting down and dirty shirt. So your favorite sweater doesn't get ruined. We lost a lot of good clothes it.

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Step 1: Finding Your Inner Wallet

Here are the list of the materials you need for this project:

•fabric paint (I used this because its flexi and it holds its color)(I got a pack of solid colors, with the exception of green, for $10.00)


•scratch paper

•exacto knife

•image of your choice for your bracelet


•wax paper


•small paintbrush


•paper clips

•Velcro (get it at Daiso for $1.50)

Step 2: Measure

My wrist is quite small because I'm 12 years old and it measures 12 inches long to 4 centimeters wide.But yours might be different depending how old you are.

Step 3: Choose Your Avatar

Part of making your bracelet you have to "choose your avatar" or pick out your design and print them out or draw them like I sort of did.

Step 4: Tape It All Down

Tape the image to your bracelet the way you want, and tape your bracelet to the tape. Cut the wax paper so that it covers the bracelet and ... you guessed it tape it down.

Step 5: Painting

With your wax paper covering it, start painting but make sure you only paint the base not the design...we'll talk about that soon.

Step 6: Painting Continued....

Remember that part when I said about not painting the design? Of course you do that was one step ago! After you have left the bracelet for about 5-10 minutes, take your toothpicks(you'll need a lot) and take the inside colors of the design and carefully start painting it with the toothpick. This step is time consuming so make sure you have a lot of time for this project. Do the same thing if there is more than one color on it.

Step 7: Let It Dry

This is the most time consuming step to do but it can probably dry by over night.

Step 8: Coating and Layering

I think the title says it all. Before you can even wear it do you think that thin layer is gonna hold it up? If you said yes.. Then your wrong. Making double, triple, quadruple maybe layers. But I have to warn you each coat takes sometime to dry so make sure you have that time. You don't want to see your skin through your bracelet.. Do you?

Step 9: Cut It Out

Cut the wax paper to make a rectangle shape for each one.

Step 10: Attaching It All

So you've gone this far. Didn't think you would have made but since you have might as well tell you the 9th step. To attach the bracelet get a strand of Velcro cut it up and hot glue it on. Sorry about the lighting it was on my computer in the dark.

Step 11: Other Ways of Attaching

You can use tape but make sure you put it on the inside because if its on the paint the paint will rip off.

Stick it by itself
This is actually really easy just stick to each other if you feel that safe you did a good job. Fabric paint is sticky when dried and I can attach to itself and other objects easily.

Thank you for my model : Mom
Make sure too share pictures after your done with the bracelet!

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