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Introduction: Rubber Dog Toy

I love dead bicycle inner tubes, and so does my dog Sprout.

This toy is made of rubber- which feels nice on his teeth when he bites it.

It has raggy bits at either end, which the internet tells me dogs like as it reminds them (in an ancestral memory or genetic urge kind of way) of hunting and killing prey. (My dog is a tiny Jack Russell/ Chihuahua- rat/rabbit hunter, yet has never seen a rat or rabbit in his life, so maybe this rubber toy is the next best thing.)

It's stretchy like a tug toy, which is great for human v dog tug-o-war games.

To make this toy you will need:

1 dead bicycle inner tube. Wait til you yours has died from your bike, or ask your nearest bike shop- or better still- find your nearest community bike project and ask them for some old inner tubes.

Inner tube thread:- Instructable here:


Evil Jack/ Chiuhahua (or similar.)

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Cut Into Short Tubes.

Take one used inner tube.

Cut the valve out, you don't need it to make the toy.

Cut the tube into short equal lengths.

The white stuff inside the tubes is talc, it is non-toxic, but you can wash it out with water if you want. Infact, you can sterilize the rubber with hot water and tea tree oil or a branded sterilizer of your choice, if your dog is sensitive in some way. These are used inner tubes after all, so will have road dirt and possibly bicycle grease on them. (My dog is used to being around piles of dead bikes and dirty old tires and tubes and doesn't have any problem playing with them!)

Step 2: Grab Your Short Tubes Round the Middle and Bind With Inner Tube Thread.

Make a bow shape by grabbing the bunch of tubes with your hand.

Wrap the middle section with inner tube thread- I have made an Instructable on how to do that, the link to it is in the intro.

Wrap the middle piece round and round and round with the thread. Imagine you are a tiny jack- Chihuahua hungry to sink your tiny teeth into your fake rat thingy, and that should give you an idea on how big to make the wrapped piece.

Step 3: Tie Off the Rubber Thread and Tuck in the Strands From the Knot.

Here is your rubber dog toy!

You are now ready to play the ultimate game of human v dog tug-o-war with your canine chum...

... and you will have saved one more piece of shitty rubber from going in the land fill, and made something yourself for your pet which usually costs about ix quid at a pet shop!

Big yourself up.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 2

    Does anyone know if it is safe for a puppy to chew on a bike innertube?


    5 years ago

    I guess any bits of rubber that the dog ingested would be harmless.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Not sure to be honest. My dog can't break his way through this- but maybe this isn't suitable for bigger breeds with powerful jaws. Supervised play is the answer!