Rubber Band Ball: Tips and Tricks




Introduction: Rubber Band Ball: Tips and Tricks

I've always wanted to make a rubber band ball, but I've never had the time before, which always left the rubber bands tangled and messy in the little bag. Getting tired of this, I finally pulled my resolve together, and did it. This is less an exact step by step, and more some tips and tricks to make your life easier, due to the repetitive nature of this creation. So, lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

1. The only thing you really need for this project is a lot of rubber bands. Mine are boring tan, not colored like most people prefer. Sorry.

2. Tin foil or other paper-like material can also be helpful in step one.

Step 2: Safety Warning

1. The bigger rubber band balls get, the less they bounce. This step is less for your safety, and more for the safety of any items in your immediate area.

2. If a rubber band snaps in your face, just laugh it off. Chances are, it really couldn't have hurt anything worse than your ego.

Step 3: The Core

1. For the very center of your rubber band ball, take either one large rubber band, or several smaller rubber bands. Personally, I prefer the larger rubber band, as it holds together much better than the small ones. Wrap it around and around so it forms a shape close to a ball.

2. If you don't care about the ball being 100% rubber bands, you can cheat on this step and use a small ball of tin foil or other paper-like material for the core.

3. Wrap the smallest rubber bands you can find around the core until they hold it together. It should only take about 2-5 rubber bands for it to keep its own shape.

Step 4: The Middle

1. Keep wrapping the core. Wrapping a single rubber band around the ball twice can help keep it tight and it will slip less than otherwise.

2. Around the middle of the ball, whenever possible, use wide rubber bands. These also slip less, and keep all the bands underneath in place.

Step 5: The End

Not much remains to be said. When you are nearing the end, use more of the wide bands to finish off and hold together the rubber band ball. Make it as big as you like. It really ends when you run out of either rubber bands, or patience.



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    20 Discussions

    I did it! I wrapped about 1000 rubber bands to make a bigger tennis-sized rubber band ball

    Excelent! I love rubber band balls. I made one about the size of a softball a few years back. The only sad part about it is if you don't do anything with it for a few years it tends to fall apart.

    4 replies

    That's quite large. When I mentioned lack of rubber bands or patience, it was really just patience for me.

    I've got one about 15 years old that's in quite bad shape. It is about the size of a basketball though! I imagine I could revive it by wrapping a few new layers of bands around the outside. The problem is I think only the large red ones will fit now.

    thanks man

    When your finished you can still have a ball!

    Nice pics and instructions. AAA+

    Neat! Cute thing to have. This is just one of those cool things that never you never thought about but needed to know!


    3 years ago

    Hey. Nice instructable, but what are they good for? What to do with a rubber ball? Never seen it heard of them before... ;-)

    2 replies

    * I've never seen or heard of them before. *

    Thanks. You don't really do much with them. They are some times like bouncy balls, sometimes an office supply so you have rubber bands when you need them, and some times just to sit and look interesting.


    3 years ago

    this instructable is great! just wondering though, why is your watch up side down in the first photo haha

    1 reply

    super cool! what would be the use for tinfoil in the first step? Thanks for including such clear photos along with your Instructable :)

    1 reply

    Thanks! The tin foil helps give you something more round, and it doesn't unravel like the large rubberbands. It is also more dense than paper, which is why I prefer it.