Rubber Band Ball Nightlight

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I always liked making rubber bands balls during schooltime and i got an idea trying making a nightlight out of one of those.

In this guide i will teach you how to make a rubber band ball nightlight / party decorations.

Let's start..

Step 1: Gathering Materials

1) Rubber bands (the amount is up to you).

2) Plastic ball (a colored one is preferred).

3) LEDs.

4) A pair of pliers.

5) Soldering iron.

6) A solder

7) Electric tape.

8) A knife.

9) Electric wires.

Step 2:

Start by soldering all the LEDs' negative legs together and all the positive legs together.

After that solder one electric wire to negative part and another one to the positive part.

Use the knife to make a small hole in your plastic ball and insert the LEDs inside it.

Check if everything is working, now take a piece of cord, make a tie in the end of it and insert it into the ball too (it will help hanging the lamp).

Step 3:

Start wrapping the ball with rubber bands until you can barely can see the ball (make sure that all of the wires are in the same side).

Step 4:

Now take a stronger electric wire and make two loops out of in, solder each one to another wire.

Your nightlight is ready!!

Hang it wherever you want and connect a 3V source to it and enjoy it.

Now you can make more of these in different colors.

Any comments and notes will be accepted happily.

Step 5: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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