Rubber Band Car




Introduction: Rubber Band Car

just a basic rubber band car

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     I don't understand how the wheels are suppose to move i have everything else done i just dont understand how the rubber bands make the wheels turn by winding them?

    Sorry i am kinda new at building these things

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    you have to wind it up, you dont tie the rubber band to the axles, you have to wrap them around by winding the axle.

    I think it's rather interesting how you made a knex car that doesn't require an engine making it lightweight and for that, more agile :D Could you please post it???? I wanna build it :)

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    I gave up on it. It was boring, lacked traction (making the wheels spin before it drove), and didn't have a long driving area ('bout 2 metres).

    cool, 3.5* the way you place them makes the gear/wheeled one looks like this:


    Man your really good at making cars... i bet one day your going to design the cars of the future ;D! Bah you proabably won't...

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