Rubber Band Suspension System

Introduction: Rubber Band Suspension System

This suspension project is cheap and easy to make. it has heaps of ways to use it, it is efficient and does not buckle under pressure and weight, it will stay stable under many, many weights and pressure. this is cheap and does need oil or springs to function. this project can be simply up-sized to use with larger objects. this can be used for things like suspending tables and weights depending on how big you decide to make it. this project should last long depending on how it's used. EVERY part can be easily replaced.

Unfortunately I have no picture of its use, but I found that smaller tube attachments like 20mm could fit a plunger and made toilet cleaning a easier job.


> 1 meter of 40mm and 1 meter of 50mm of PVC piping

> 50mm to 40mm pipe reducer

> 5, 1 1/2 thick packaging rubber bands

> 1ft of easy bend wire

> hot glue sticks and gun

> super hold glue

> drill and drill bits

> sand paper

> saw

> pencil

>utility knife or any other blade

Step 2: Cutting to Size

  1. With a saw cut both pipe sizes to a preferred length (I made them 32cm)
  2. With sanding paper, sand down the cut edges to neaten them up and make them even (keep this sand paper for later) set both pipes aside

Step 3: More Plastic Sanding...

  1. Sand the inside of the size reducer so the pipe can slide more freely through the piece
  2. NOTE: it shouldn't be too loose, only until it slides freely if it wobbles, it has been sanded down too much

Step 4: Tying and Gluing You're Bands

  1. Tie two rubber bands together, after that tie another two together, you should have two sets.
  2. put a line of hot glue on the knot of one set stick the other set on to for a cross like pattern
  3. cut the last band in half and wrap around the knot until it meets itself again, cut where it meets and stick on with hot glue in that position (make SURE its stuck down good)
  4. do the same thing on each side of the knot aswell.
  5. set aside

Step 5: Drilling the Pipe

  1. Drill aposing holes about 3cm from the bottom of the 50mm piping, the holes should be abut the same size as the wire you are using.
  2. drill another set slightly higher then the last so the wires do not hit each other too much.
  3. slide through abou 8cm of wire through one of the sets of holes, try and make sure there is a good amount of wire poking out of the tube on each side. (about 1.5cm) Fold down the wire on the out of the tube.
  4. do the same for the other holes.
  5. hot glue around the wires and holes on both sides of the pipe
  6. when you look down your pipe, you should have a cross in the middle.

Step 6: Fitting the Suspension

  1. place the left-over rubber-band on the inside of the pipe reducer (this is to make it a tighter fit)
  2. stuff the middle of your rubber band knot down the 50mm pipe, (it should go about 5cm in the tube, with the other rubber band overhang which should come about 8cm down outside of the tube)
  3. put hot glue in the reducer where the cut band was placed, quickly place the reducer on top of the 50mm piping. hit it down hard and jam it in so it does NOT shift, leave it to dry
  4. after it has dried, stretch the overhanging rubber bands under the bottom wires

Step 7: Finished

  1. The project is complete, if you push on the smaller pipe it will suspend
  2. Take the rubber bands off the wires when not in use to extend rubber band life
  3. tweaking is easy to suit your needs
  4. ENJOY
  5. thank you and please vote for this Instructable!
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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting!

    Do you have this in use currently for any specific application?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! thanks for taking a look and taking the time to comment. Unfortunately I don't have this in use at the moment, I constructed this mostly as a way to test the versatility, and uses of the larger rubber bands, however, I am considering making scaled down versions. I imagine that it could be used as a component for makeshift scales of some sort, just a thought. really this is just a cheap and relatively good suspension component.