Rubber Band Purse Clutch

Introduction: Rubber Band Purse Clutch

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Here is how you can make a purse/clutch using rubber band. It is strong and you can make it using recycled materials like rubber band, cardboard, etc. Easy to make, use and entirely based on rubber bands.

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Things you will need :

1. Cardboard

2. Rubber bands

3. Glue

5. Some card paper

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Step 1: Template

Cut the card paper as shown or as per your choice.

Step 2:

Take the two cardboard pieces and clip them together

Step 3: Vertical Bonding

Glue the outer surface and start placing rubber bands on it.

Place the bands at a gap of 1cm from each other. Make sure they stick well.

Step 4: Horizontal Bonding

Use glue again and place the rubber bands horizontally.

The bands should bind the card boards together firmly.

Step 5: Making the Slit

Cut the bands from one side to make an opening to keep your things.

TIP- Use hot glue to bind the rubber bands. I used glue and some bands started falling out, though made a good design later :D Looked like the equalizers in music apps.

Step 6: Making the Cap

The purse clutch is tight enough but you can add a cap to just make sure your money, paper doesn't fall out as shown.

Take a piece of card paper, add some glue and stick it to one side of the purse clutch. Then fold the card paper as shown to form a perfect lock.

Step 7: Finalize

Use glitter or colors to make the purse clutch more attractive :)

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This Instructable up for the Rubber bands contest. So please vote if you like :)

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