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Introduction: Rubber Band Window Shutter Release

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There is a bit of a story behind this very simple mod. The building where I work has shutters over the windows, the one next to the front door is so close to the door frame there is no room at the side for a catch to hold the shutter back, it needed to be at the top of the shutter.

I tend to be the one who opens up every morning but other staff normally lock up at the end of the day. All too often I have had to re-bend the the wire hook to get it to hold back the shutter, I eventually realised what the problem was! Most of the female staff are much shorter than me and cannot reach the hook so they just pull the shutter until the hook bends and pings off!

The fix was easy, an extra screw above the hook pivot, a rubber band to lift the hook (a pipe cleaner wrapped around at each end keeps it in the correct position) and a small label saying "press here to release catch".

The hook no longer gets ruined and I will only need to replace the rubber band once in a while when it perishes and breaks. "The ladies who lock up" are delighted with it!

The short movie shows it in operation.

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