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Introduction: Rubber Band Flying Paper Butterfly

Some years ago, a local organisation was asking us to come out an idea in making a paper flying butterfly based on the commercial available one. It should be easy for children to make and low cost.
They have tried and tested several model using paper clips and rubberband ..but the metal body is just to heavy to make it "FLY".

So we set to do some research and test, and found that by using a simple balloon stick (cut to small size) , a bead and a wire. With a cutout which you can download free from our website here : We came out with the Rubber Band Flying Paper Butterfly.

With these simple and low cost materials , we make about 5000 pcs of parts to supply just in time for the children project carnival.

Or you can buy the ready one from Amazon Store .

Watch the video here :

Visit my website for other projects :

Enjoy!! :)

Step 1: What You Will Need ?

- Paper Wing Cut-out
Download free here :

- Metal Wire (11 ~12cm)

- Hollow plastic tube (cut out from balloon stick , size : 4 ~5cm)

- Rubber band

- Plastic Bead

Step 2: Bend the Metal Wire Into a “V” Shape

- Bend the metal wire into a V shape as shown in the diagram.

Step 3: Hook the Rubber Band Onto the Metal Wire.

- The rubber band should be cut and tie a knot at the end. Like the picture shown.

- The lenght of the rubber band after the knot been made should be about half the length of the balloon stick.

- Hook the rubber band onto the metal wire.

Step 4: Insert the Metal Wire With the Rubber Band Into the Plastic Hollow Tube.

- Insert the metal wire together with the rubber band into the plastic hollow tube.

- Pull the metal wire and ensure the rubber band is stretch with the knot sitting securely at
the other end of the hollow tube. If the knot is not big enough you can make the size bigger making another knot.

Step 5: Insert the Rubber Bead Into the Metal Wire.

- Insert the rubber bead into the metal wire.

Step 6: Bending the Metal Wire With the Bead.

- Pull the rubber band by holding the metal wire and the tubing. Ensure the rubber band is stretch and there is some tension.

- Then bend the metal wire down.

Step 7: Forming the Metal Wire

- Bend the wire to the sides will you still feel some tension from the rubber band.

- The shape of the metal wire should look like the picture.

Step 8: Cut Out the Paper Wing and Folds the Edges.

- Cut out the paper wing and folds the edges.

- You can download the paper cut here :

Step 9: Bend the Ends of the Wire.

- Bend the ends of the wire to form a hook with a pair of pliers.

- The reason for this is to prevent the sharp edges of the wire from hurting someone when it is spinning.

Safetty first :)

Step 10: Glue the Paper Wings to the Wire.

- Glue the paper wings to the wire.

Step 11: After Fixing the Wings.

- It should look like the picture after you have glued the wing to the wire.

- Taped the remaining Wing cut-out as shown in the diagram.

Step 12: Test Flight

- Test flight the paper butterfly by rotating the wing for may be 30 to 50 rounds depending
on the type of rubber band you have used. and what is the tension of the rubber band.

- If you want , you can add some lubrication at the bead and tube contact. This will make the friction less and the spinning will be more efficient.

Watch the demo video here :

Or you can buy the ready one here :

Enjoy :)

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    please email me the wing cut out to -

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    Please download from this link :


    please email me the wing cut out -

    1 reply


    You can download here :


    I made the butterfly, but it doesn't fly well, it goes down, sorts of a freefall. What can I be doing wrong?

    1 reply

    Hi Sorry for the late reply.

    The body may be too heavy and you need to put oil between bead and rotating wire.

    I would love the pattern email to me. The surveys won't load on my computer...the world just turns, and turns and turns! Thanks!!!

    I would like to download the wing pattern too. The surveys never end, and I cannot get the wing pattern either.

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    Can you email me the wing pattern please? The surveys are never ending!