Rubberband Powerd Motor





Introduction: Rubberband Powerd Motor

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For this project you will need the following:






bic pen


Power tools:


Step 1: Step One

Step one. Get the bic pen and take off both ends.; We need the small part, in the back
the other pen part you can chuck.

Step 2: Step Two

Step two. Get your drill and drill a hole in the small end thingy.

Step 3: Step Three

Step three. Get the paper clip and plyers and bend the paper clip into a hook.  The hook should be able to fit into the pen and it should have a two inch strait peice extending from it.

Step 4: Step Four

step four. put the little end part that you drilled a hole in on the paperclip like a kebob. then Put the two beads on the strait part of the paperclip.  lastly put the paperclip in the propeller. 

Step 5: Step Five

step five. put the rubberband on the hook and pull the rubberband through the bic pen tube with a hook. Then put a two sentometer piece of scuer through the rubber band and release the hook. The picture will help.

Step 6: Finished Product

Thank you for reading my instructable! please comment. If I get 20 favorites I will make a easy fuse made of household items. Please comment.

WARNING! This project is a fire hazard I am not at all responsible for your actions. If anything happens I will not be held responsible.



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    6 Discussions

    what is a scuer

    I didn't understand exactly what you did here, Can you explain it a bit better for me?

    Oh ok thanks for the tip

    The hook is only a tool it is used to stretch the rubber band through the tube

    1 reply

    In that position, the propeller works pushing, not pulling. If it is what you want, it is well.

    You can do work it turning at opposite direction, but in that case the turbulence will be very high.

    That propeller is reversed. The hook must go in the opposite direction.