Rube Goldberg Dog Food Dispencer





Introduction: Rube Goldberg Dog Food Dispencer

This is a Rube Goldberg Dog Food Dispencer that my friend and i made for a science project. It consists of over 28 steps and it is huge. I put it on instructables to share my Rube Goldberg Machine and to help you make your own.

Here is ours.

Step 1: Dicide on Parts

I picked a pulley because we had to use the five simple machines.
Then some books, for good measure.
Then a wheel down a inclined plane.
Then a ring slide.
To the hotwheel tracks.
Then some dominoes.
More dominoes.
To a car. Then a catapault. Then a rollercoaster.
To a marble run to a cup. Then pour the food.

Step 2: Many Steps or Few Steps

You can use as many steps as you want.
Here they all are in order.
Pull pulley. Which knocks books over. To hit wheel down ramp. To hit ring slide. To hit marble. To hit dominoes which hit mousetrap to release car which launches catapault. To throw ball to hit mousetrap. That releases rollercoaster to hit marble run which knocks marble down run into cup. Cup slides down hitting dominoes. Setting off mousetrap to tip cup to pour the dog food. PHEW!


Make your own Rube Goldberg Machine and video it!!!

Try to use as many steps possible making sure it works alright.

Have fun!



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    82 Discussions

    This is awesome and everything, but in real life, wouldnt you just get a box of dog food and pour it in the bowl lol? :P

    2 replies

    Cool! and you got some K'NEX in there too.
    Also known as a "Heath Robinson" machine.



    1 reply

    Why don't you? Isn't that what instructables is for? Try to show us how to do it?

    Well, a knex rube goldberg machine is just a ball machine, basicly, with no lift.

    hey i read frankenstien!