Rube Goldberg Machine Girlz

Introduction: Rube Goldberg Machine Girlz

This is our Rube Goldberg Machine

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Step 1: SET UP

We set up a car ramp for the marble to roll down on.


We then set up the toilet rolls and the dominoes in line so that they would fall down and hit the marble into the bottle at the end.

Step 3: HIT

The marble then got hit into the bottle with the hit of the dominoe.

Step 4: PIPE

The marble then rolled through the pipe made out of toilet rolls.

Step 5: THE......SECOND HIT

When the marble came to the bottom of the pipe it then hit the next couple of dominoes, which hit the car, which rolled down the ramp and...........

Step 6: DONE!

The car then hit the red textar into the pencil case.

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    This is awesome. Rube Goldberg machines are the best. They are like dominoes but infinitely more fun to build and watch.