Rube Goldburg (How to Turn on LIGHT BULB)



Introduction: Rube Goldburg (How to Turn on LIGHT BULB)

Evidence of Evolution
Project with Adjustments
We began this project with a rough sketch. At the bottom, we were going to use a triangle to increase its support; but it stayed perfectly. Then a rope-way was built to move a cup. This would have eventually hit the other platform allowing the cup to turn and roll the ball down a spiral. However, the cup failed to turn and the spiral we build was not efficient enough to keep rotating the ball. So, we used the ramp to allow the ball to roll down. We also altered the plan, where the movement of boat was from right to left. After the ball moves through the ramp and it drops on the other side of the see-saw, it would have made the other ball to launch and finish the circuit, turning the led on. However, the launch wasn't effective because the ball fell at a shorter distance or sometimes it fail to work. 
Overview of the final project
After learning from our mistakes, we made adjustments to our original idea. Therefore, we build a platform for a car using glue gun and foam. Secondly, we glued a curtain rail to make a rope-way  Then, we punched two holes into a cup to attach with a string and connect that to rollers. On the other side, we built another platform and glued it. So, the cup can push a ball and continue the track using the ramp we built. The track ends with the ball falling in a cup which is on another platform.  This completes the circuit and turns the fan on. Next, the wind from the fan pushes the boat forward pushing the ball on the other side. The ball then rolls down to other ramps and as it drops to a platform, two aluminum ball falls in the cups. This connects the circuit and turns on the LEDS (Light Bulb).

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