Rubens Tube 8 Foot Long AMAZING




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Fire + Fire + Sound = Amazing

This is a 8 foot long Rubens' tube its amazing you should build one.

Shopping list:
Long pipe larger the better in diamiter (got mine for scrap jard)
Gas fittings for tube and to your gas bottles
2m drill bits
Rubber glove

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Step 1: Drilling the Holes

Our pipe is two staleness steel pipes 3.5inces in diameter 8 feet long.

Measure out 2m hols every 1.5cm along your pipe, make sure to leave a few inces from both ends of the pipe.

Clean up holes with meetle file.

When drilling such small holes you should poor some wanter on drill bit it makes such a difference.

Step 2: Diaphragm

Cut out large pease of rubber glove to cover end of open side of tube.
Leave one side of tube blocked. When stretching rubber over sends make sure to tape down. The speaker with to put against this side of rubens tube.

Step 3: Gass Connections

We split pipe into 3 drilled 2 large holes between connections. We then welded in gas connections to bottom of pipe and connected using gas fitting and a T junction back to gas bottle.

Reason for having two inlets in pipe was to improve on spread with filling up pipe with gas.

Step 4: Holding Box

Since we where looking to do this outside we built a box around the tube so we can play this ouside, without this the wind blows out most of the flames. We initally used glass front but replaced with 3mm plexy glass to make it lighter.

Step 5: Get It Going

1. Connect the gas
2. Turn it on
3. Let the gass fill up and light gas.

You should see a contant level of light flames along the top. It its not level check level of pipe.

Connect up music and let it play.

Step 6: More

First video and tube we made from copper did not work the best but you can certainlly see effect.

Also attached images of building.

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    4 years ago

    This is cool! I made one and wanted to make a box so that it could be used outside. What did u make yours out of? And how did you regulate the temperature? Thanks


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It is amazing. I Just have heard industry Ball Mill before from Henan Zhongke Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Its a lot of work and a lot of drilling deftly going to use small wall on tube next time.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. Definitely going to try this. Doesn't look like you entered so here's a link for Scoochmaroo's weekly challenge which happens to be fire.

    1 reply