Rubik Cube Solver Robot




Introduction: Rubik Cube Solver Robot

This is the project for you to build a robot that solves a rubik cube

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Step 1: Materials

  • 8 Servo Motors MG955
  • 4 Grippers (CAD File)
  • 4 Cases for servos (CAD File)
  • 4 Links (CAD File)
  • 4 linear guide
  • 1 Protoboard
  • 1 Arduino Mega
  • 1 5V 5A power source
  • 1 NC Button
  • 1 AC Power cord
  • 1 Rubik Cube

Step 2: The CAD Files

Print The CAD Files

Step 3: Build Up the Circuit

Connect the button to the power supply and the power supply to the board. And Follow the diagram.

Step 4: Assemble As in the Image

Assemble the pieces you printed as you see in the image. Do it for the other 3.

Step 5: Test

Try it out, run the code andtry it for your self.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hi Dan. Can you please tell me how to use rubikcontrolbueno and rubik boceto files? Thanks