Rubik's Cube Bag


Introduction: Rubik's Cube Bag

I made this lined Rubik's Cube bag for myself because I collect the cubes and I felt like having an unusual handbag.

It is made from 54, 3 round dc granny squares (9 of each color) with a single round of sc in black for edging.

I used a real cube to design a pattern to join the squares and made the 6 sides each of nine squares using black to join them. I also blocked them. It the peices moved it would be possible to make solve it.

I then joined the 6 sides to make a cube leaving I side with 3 open edges.

I also made a shoulder strap in black using dc and sc rows of the colors used in the sides. I made it twice as wide as i wanted it so that i could made a tube and insert seat belt webbing to stop it from stretching to much when used.

I then made a black fabric lining with a pocket and sewed in the lining and a zip with the handle in between the lining and outside.



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    Beautiful bag!

    That is so cool! I crochet a lot and love to see when other people express themselves with the hook and yarn. I am about to finish up an afghan for my husband and then make myself a really cool little summer bag of blue/green cotton. It just feels summery! I will try and post some pics...great job!