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How to make this giant Rubiks Cube. From about 10 feet away this thing looks real!!!

Step 1: Materials

From local Michaels:

- 1 pack of vinyl cling sheets (see pic)
- 1 Elmers 20"x30" foam board (about 1/8" thick)

From local hardware:

- 2+ rolls of 1" wide black vinyl tape
- ordinary electrical tape to fill out as needed
- double sided Scotch tape


box cutter/Exacto, large straight cutting edge, small ruler

Step 2: How I Made It

Not that I can give a great reason for building one yourself, but here's how I went about it...

I started by cutting the foam board down into five 10" squares, then taped them together into a 5-sided cube.

To give it the look of individual cubes, I made a V-shaped groove along each face by cutting into the foam board with a box cutter.
Then I taped over each of the grooves, pushing the tape into the groove as much as possible. To make it better, I then cut the tape along each groove to split it, then I pushed it in again so that the two edges separated.

The stickers:
I measured my real cube and it was 55mm wide and each sticker was 15mm wide. So I scaled the actual width of my box by 15/55, coming up with 7.2 cm width for each sticker. I think this made all the difference in getting the proportions right. Then I stuck the stickers on with double sided tape.

There are multiple color layouts in existence, but I tried to make mine the same as the color layout of the original version :)

I thought of this costume because Erno Rubik is a Hungarian just like me and we even have the same birthday. Long live the Cube dorks!

Step 3: The Next Day...

Rubik's Cube head, out the next day taking his dog for a walk...



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1 year ago

i am going to make it


3 years ago

I am making one of these atm. I will post pictures of the process soon. I ma modeling it after my incomplete, smaller rubiks cube.


3 years ago

i have a 1 minute pb on a rubiks cube .thanks for this. now i can be my favorite thing


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

figured it out and almost done with mine all i have to do is the white side


8 years ago on Introduction

This could be useful as a blindfold for BLD cubing.


9 years ago on Introduction

Well, the most frequent question is, "how do you see?"

Answer: I wasn't able to see out of it at all. I was in a hurry making it and I could not figure out a way without ruining the realism, although perhaps I could have put openings in the gaps somewhere.

And why thanks for asking, the t-shirt was a thrift store find. I forget the shirt's brand, but it was unusual.

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Saturn Vpeterthehun

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Maybe you could put a screen of some sort into it, and have a small camera somewhere. Or (worst-case scenario) don't wear it.


9 years ago on Introduction

How do you see like this? Could you make one tile on the white side clear?


10 years ago on Introduction

lol I made this for halloween and it was a HIT. everyone liked that i made it myself, and i used foam instead of cling sheets. foam glue worked miracles with this. and yes you dont have eyeholes, so i will be working on an improved version =D and I'm putting a hat in it so i can see probably. use a hard hat insert or something.

good job with the instructable

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Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

good idea. I think i might post my own instructable showing the glue i used and the finished product.


9 years ago on Step 2

You mention that you "tried to make mine the same as the color layout of the original version," but you got the order wrong. You have green and blue on adjacent sides but they should be on opposite sides. White should be opposite yellow, and orange should be opposite red. Since you have red on the top, the orange side would be missing (the side you insert your head).