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In line with the rest of my LED Throwie retellings, here's a version that looks into presenting instructions using a Rubic's cube. You can use this quick and easy method to personalized Rubik's Cube to whatever end you like. This one contains the materials and instructions required to make an LED Throwie.

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Step 1: Get a Cube!

First thing you need is a Rubik's Cube. I grabbed a couple from the local dollar store.

In addition, you need:

  • Scissors
  • Printer Paper that is also sticky-backed
  • An old knife
  • A ruler

Step 2: Make It Your Own

The way my cubes were set up, they had a small plastic colored square glued onto each face.

I had a knife lying around that was good at getting underneath them and popping them off.

Step 3: Time to Print

After measuring the cube and individual boxes, I created two sizes of images to test fit to the cube. One was made the exact size, and the other was made slightly smaller (just in case).

To make the images, I used a white sheet of poster board as a background for all of the photo's. I then went into the color setting in photoshop, and adjusted the neutral colors.

If I had to make this again: I would just use a different color poster board behind each thing I was taking a picture of. The colors would pop much better then.

I printed these onto a sticky backed paper, so once I cut them out, I would be able to sticker them each into place.

Step 4: Stickering Like a Pro!

For me, the smaller size of cubes worked. To cut things out I just used a pair of scissors, and it worked very well. There's very thin lines on the print that help ensure the scissors don't make any drastic mistakes.

When getting ready to sticker, I found it helpful to only cut out one side of the cubes stickers at a time. I then put the cut squares into the shape they were going to be stickered onto the cube. By doing this, I could ensure that every sticker went to the right place. (I started doing this, after I placed one of the squares in the wrong square on the cube).

Step 5: Finish

With the stickering done, you have a finished Rubik's Cube. Enjoy.

Video of solving the Rubik's Cube.



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