Rubiks Cube Tricks: Checkerboard

Introduction: Rubiks Cube Tricks: Checkerboard

quick and easy trick to master after you've learned to solve a cube

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Step 1: Checkerboard

This trick is called the checkerboard. The end result is all the sides forming a cross.

Step 2: Step One : Checkerboard

The first thing you want to do is to orient your cube so that the white side is up and your facing the blue side

Step 3: Step Two : Checkerboard

the very first turn you make is know as R2. When using a Rubiks cube R means turn the right edge 90° clockwise. Since the number to is also displayed you have to turn the side twice. Now the face should be all blue with a green stripe on the right

Step 4: Step Three : Checkerboard

Make sure the blue and green side is still facing you and than preform the move 2L.The L means your turning the left side, just as you did to the right. Now the face should be green with a blue stripe down the middle.

Step 5: Step 4; Checkerboard

With the same side still facing you , move U2 and D2. The U represents the top layer and D represents the bottom layer. At this point you should see your first cross

Step 6: Step Five : Checkerboard

Here is the easy part. Turn your cube so that you are now facing the orange side with the horizontal red stripe. Repeat steps one and two (R2 and L2)

Step 7: Checkerboard | Finish

Perfect! If you follow the instructions your cube will have a different color cross on every side.

Step 8: Extra

To reverse the pattern and resolve your cube all you have to do is repeat all of the steps. Thanks for viewing my instructable if you have any questions or comment , let me know below.

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    3 years ago

    I'm just saying, but everyone should know this pattern. ( a kid in my class has no clue how to solve or even checkerboard a rubiks cube)