Rubiks Cube Tricks: Reverse Centers




A fast and easy Rubiks Cube trick that looks awesome

Step 1: Reverse Centers

Reverse Centers is an algorithm that changes only the center piece of every side

Step 2: Reverse Centers : Step One

the first thing you need to do is Orient your cube so that your facing the blue side with the white side on the right and the red side on top.

Step 3: Reverse Centers : Step Two

Now , you need to turn both the top and bottom layer once. Be sure to turn them both CLOCKWISE and only ONCE. Moving the top layer once clockwise is know as U. Moving the bottom layer once clockwise is called Di.

Step 4: Reverse Centers: Step Three

Make sure you do not turn the cube and that your still facing the blue center. Move Ri and L. That means turn the right side once Counterclockwise and the left side once clockwise.

Step 5: Reverse Centers

You should have a white stripe with a blue center. The left and right sides should now be red.

Step 6: Reverse Centers: Step Four

Orient your cube so that you are now facing the side that has an vertical orange line

Step 7: Reverse Centers: Step Five

Next, turn the top layer once Counterclockwise (Ui) and turn the bottom layer once Counterclockwise (D)

Step 8: Reverse Centers

You should have your first reverse center. An orange center on the blue side

Step 9: Reverse Centers: Step Six

For the final step you will need to orient your cube so that your facing the side with the white center. Make sure the side with the blue center is on top. Move the right side once clockwise (R) and move the left side once counterclockwise (Li)

Step 10: Reverse Centers | Finish

At this point all of the center pieces should be changed. The orange side has a white center, The blue side has and orange center, the white side has the blue center,etc. However depending on the side you start with color may vary

Step 11: Thanks

If you have any questions or comments ,please let me know below.



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    2 years ago

    What does that even mean? TheKnexChicken?


    2 years ago

    a more simple algorithm would be E M E' M'