Rubik's Cube Tricks: Rings



This is a cool rubiks cube trick i learned in about ten minutes. The only difficult part is memorization of the moves but once you have them memorized its easy.The end result of the trick is exactly what you would thing. It changes a ring of pieces on each side

Step 1: Materials

All you will need for this project is a rubiks cube. I recommend the cyclone speed cube. Here is a link to buy one on amazon

Step 2: Turning and Memorization

This is a six turn trick. The turn names are specified here and here

Turn B’ U’ B’ L’ D B U D2 B U L D’ L’ U’ L2 D (Ui is the same thing as U')

To help memorize remember that each sides name corresponds with its position. B is bottom, R is right, etc.

Step 3: Finished

If you do all the moves correctly each side should have two colors. One color occupies three squares and the other color occupies six. If you have any questions please leave a comment. Thanks for reading



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