Rubiks Cube Tricks: Slashes





Introduction: Rubiks Cube Tricks: Slashes

quick and easy Rubiks Cube trick to show your friends

Step 1: Intro

The Slash trick is a four move process. You can do it really quickly and that is what makes it impressive. I will teach it two turns at a time

Step 2: Step One

The first two turns are R and L. R and L are opposite sides from each other and they move in different directions. R goes up and L goes down

Step 3:

if you start with the blue side facing you this is what it should look like

Step 4: Step Two

The second two turns for slashes are F and B. F is the front and B is the back. the front moves clockwise and the back moves counterclockwise.

Step 5: Repetition

That's it! those are the only four turns you need to know. Repeat the sequence twice more to achieve the pattern.

Step 6: Bonus

if you repeat the sequence another two times you can form the plus pattern



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    Maybe you did it incorrectly or maybe i am mistaken ill take a look