Rubiks Cube Tricks: Snake



awesome Rubiks Cube trick and it's easy to learn

Step 1: Lets Begin!

it doesn't matter which side you start on but I usually start facing the white side

Step 2: Fundamentals

The main thing you need to know is the name of the side rotations. each rotation is represented by a letter. ther are 9 turns that are represented. U,D,E,S,M,F,B,R,L. each one means something different. The is one other important letter, letter i. the letter i tells you which direction you need to turn in

Step 3: Direction Map

This is a direction map. It specifies what each letter means. note: no matter what side you are facing or what colors are on it, the letters never change. They always represent the exact same thing. For some reason they made me take out the picture of the direction map so here is a link


Step 4: Turns 1-3

remember you can start in any direction you want. The first moves are L U Bi . That means left, up, back . consult the map to see which direction you need to turn in

Step 5: Turns 4-6

The next three turns are Ui R Li
meaning up, right, and left. again check the map to make sure your turning the correct way. If you started facing the white side this is what yours should look like. Otherwise the results may Cary, but you will end with the same resulys

Step 6: Turns 7-9


Step 7: Step 10-14

Bi, D ,Ri ,D ,Fi

Step 8: Finish

The pattern should look like this when you finish. each side should have three odd ball colors , those colors should line up with the odd ball colors on either side. The faster you do it the cooler it looks, so keep practicing.Enjoy!



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