Rubiks Cube Lamp Shade




This is my first instructable :D The story behind this cube is that we
had a 80's party and we needed something that was really 80's. I didnt have much time and much tools but I had a big

Step 1: What You Need

carton package

a drill

a jigsaw

semitransparent paper in different colors


black paint

some clamps

cut the package in 5 equal pieces and then put the pieces together . Use the clamps to hold the pieces together.

Step 2: Draw Little Squares

so what you have to do is depends on the size of your carton, you have to draw 9 equal squares.You should be careful not to have to big squares otherwise the lines between the squares will be too thin.

Step 3: Cut the Squares Out

To make your work easier drill holes in the corner of the squares . Now you can use the jigsaw to cut it out.I didnt have a finer blade so the work was a little messy I recommend a really fine jigsaw blade.

Step 4: Glue the Pieces Together

I left a little more space on the outside so I could glues the pieces on each other. Be careful while you hot glue it can burn your skin.I didnt have perfect joints so I had to cover some of them with paper tape.(don't worry when you paint it over no one will see it ;) )

Step 5: Paint It

Just use any kind of black paint of your desire .

Step 6: Put the Semitransparent Sheets In

First I had the idea to cut the sheets in small 9 pieces but that would make the work harder so I hot glued on each side one whole sheet of course for each side a different color.

Step 7: Then There Was Light!

I put the whole thing over an Ikea lamp and as you can see it works good and the effect in the dark is even better.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I'm so glad to see that it was made out of cardboard :)