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Introduction: Rubik's Cube Light

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In this Instructable you will learn how to make this totally awesome hanging light of the iconic Rubik's cube. I bought a pre lit Christmas tree last year and in the process of organizing my attic, I realized I must have bought stock in a Christmas tree lights factory. I can't come up with any other reason why one should have so many strands of lights.... time to start thinking of a recycle project! The idea for this Rubik's cube light came after finding a box full of plastic craft sheets given to me years ago by someone doing their own attic clean out. Well Mom... told you I'd find a use for them eventually. Let's get started by turning on some 80s tunes and gathering our materials!

Materials list:
-- 1 strand of Christmas tree lights.
-- 1 10"x13" sheet of Darice 7 mesh plastic canvas in each of these colors : red, yellow, green, blue, white (or clear), orange, and black
-- black plastic thread or use a black grocery or trash bag like I did
-- large embroidery needle
-- clear glue like super glue or clear tacky glue
.-- tiny zip ties

Step 1: Measure and Cut Plastic Sheets

Grab the plastic sheets and we will begin by measuring one sheet then cutting it. We can use this as the template for the others. Since this plastic has squares you can even count them . it should be easy to be exact. we as have to get a perfect square. My plastic sheets were full sheets so I made my squares 9 inches by 9 inches. This makes it easy because you have 3 inner squares per row that give them a 3 Inch measurement each .... simple math. Cut a square from each colored sheet except black.

Step 2: Cut Bags for Threading (optional... Please Read This Step)

In this step you can either go out and buy plastic thread.... the kind we made wallets with when we were kids or----do as I did if you don't want to spend ant money. I cut 1 inch strips from a trash bag that I had under the sink that I had used before to put over a stored winter coat. See... it's not hoarding if it gets reused Lol. I cut as many long strips as I could. My bag is a heavy duty one. I would not recommend using super cheap flimsy bags. Black grocery bags would be fine also.

Step 3: Measure and Cut Black Accents

From your black plastic sheet, we need to cut 9 inch long strips 1 full square wide for the small cubes. See the picture to see exactly what I mean by 1 full square wide. Trim the strips ... see Picture 2 .

Step 4: Apply Black Accents

Let's apply the black strips by gluing the first strip 3 inches from top and horizontal. Go down 3 inches and glue another strip that same way. Set aside to dry and do this to every colored square. After this is done, we will repeat what was juat done but vertically. When finished, you should have each of your squares divided into 6 3 inch squares.

Step 5: Stitch Cube Together

You will notice in the pictures my smaller cubes are missing... well thru error I did the previous step after this one. That made for longer time so thru my mistake your project will go smoother and much easier by doing it as my revised steps tell you. Thread the plastic thread through your needle and sew all sides but one into a cube. be sure your accent pieces face out. We left that one side open for the lights to be put inside.

Step 6: Place Lights in Cube

In the open side put your Christmas light strand inside. leave the the plug in with as much cord possible outside of cube and at the corner.

Step 7: Finishing the Cube

Sew the open part of the cube as you did to the rest of the cube earlier. Be sure the light cord is snug at the corner. Take your small zip ties and place in first open square where each piece of black plastic meets put it through to the first open square on other color and tighten. This gives it more stability to hold whatever length of tree lights you choose and makes it more durable. Refer to the picture. cut it or do as I did and just tuck the tire end into a square . it blends in with the black accent either way you do it. Plug your light in and love it! I like mine sitting on my dresser but you can hang it too. Hope you like this tutorial and if so throw me a vote in the bedroom contest. Thanks for looking.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love all things rubik's cube. I actually have about 4 different ones around my room right now.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I'm experimenting with a few other 80s inspired projects so stay tuned.... always a work in progress.